IASD announce

We are pleased to invite you to participate in the 2nd International Exhibition and Conference "DREAM GALLERY", which will be held in Moscow in March 19-22, 2019.

The second international exhibition -conference "Gallery of Dreams" will include master classes (March 19-20), the scientific programme of the conference (March 21-22) and an exhibition that will last for a month. The proposed venue for the conference is the Education Library, Moscow.

The aim of the conference is to draw attention to the international field of dream studies and the traditional culture of dreams in Russia. It will interweave the themes of science, medicine, art, creativity, story and Russian fairytales. The Conference is supported by a number of institutions including: The Department of Cultural Affairs, City of Moscow, the Russian National Society of Infant Sleep, the European Confederation for Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy, the Department of Neurology, the 1st Moscow State Medical University, the Professional Union of Women Artists “IRIDA”.

The goal of the project is to spread scientific knowledge on dreams and dream work, as the basis of health, about dreaming state, as an inexhaustible source of creative ideas, about dreams in Russian and world culture. The information will be interesting for professionals (scientists, therapists, psychologists, art historians), and for the wide audience.

In a popular form the conference will present various aspects of the study of interaction of dreams and the creative process. The speakers are leading scientists in the field of medicine, psychology, philosophy, linguistics, art history, and other activities. The audience will get acquainted with the latest scientific achievements. and various genre works of literature and art, initiated by dreams.

The Dream Gallery exhibition and onference will present art shows, creative workshops, seminars (including webinars), a round table for dialogue with artists and specialists working with dreams, a concert of musical works written about dreams .

The exhibition will take place on March, 16 – April, 16. It will feature works created on the basis of dreams (paintings, drawings, installations) Both professional artists and children will take part in the exhibition. Foreign artists can participate in our virtual exhibition if they mail us photos/slideshow of their works. All requirements to the quality of photos are listed in the APPLICATION FORM that can be downloaded here. All the works will pass a preliminary expert selection based on their relevance to the conference theme, and professional level. Please, mail your application to e_korabel@mail.ru, dream-artist@yandex.r

There are three forms of participation for foreign colleagues in the conference:

1. direct participation with an oral presentation or conducting a master class,

2. distant participation and publication. The second option is a 10-15-min. video presentation, which is supplemented by a transcript and slides in the powerpoint. Organizing committee of the conference cannot pay for the transfer and accommodation, but conference participants (direct and remote) are exempted from paying registration fee. 3.

3. The publication of articles and / or short abstracts. The collection of abstracts will be published before the beginning of the conference. A special issue of the Journal of Practical Psychologist will publishe the collection of conference papers.

You can mail your articles and abstracts to the address e_korabel@mail.ru before February, 16