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Dear Colleagues!

We are pleased to invite you to participate in the 3d International Exhibition and Conference "DREAM GALLERY", which will be held in Moscow in April 2021.

The third international exhibition -conference "Gallery of Dreams" will include the scientific programme of the conference (April 6-7), master classes (April 8-9) and an exhibition. The goal of the project is to spread scientific knowledge about dreams, as the basis of health, about dreams, as an inexhaustible source of creative ideas, about dreams in Russian and world culture. The information will be

interesting for professionals (scientists, doctors, psychologists, art historians) and for the general public.

The conference will present in a popular form various aspects of the study of the interaction of dreams and the creative process. The speakers are leading scientists in the field of medicine, psychology, linguistics, art history and other activities.

Visitors will get acquainted with the latest scientific achievements and various genre works of literature and art, initiated by dreams.

The exhibition will feature works created on the basis of dreams (paintings, drawings, installations), the authors of which are both professional artists and children.

The exhibition-conference will be held art shows, creative workshops, seminars (including webinars), a round table for dialogue with artists and specialists working with dreams, a concert of musical works written about dreams. 

We consider 3 forms of participation of foreign colleagues in the conference:

  1. direct participation with an oral presentation or conducting a master class,

  2. distance participation

  3. publication.

The second option is a 10-15-min. video presentation, which is supplemented by a transcript and slides in the powerpoint. 

Unfortunately, org. committee of the conference will not be able to pay for the transfer and accommodation, but conference participants (direct and remote) are exempted from paying registration fee.

Another form of participation is the publication of articles and / or short abstracts. The collection of abstracts will be published by the beginning of the conference. A little bit later, a thematic issue of the journal of a practical psychologist dedicated to dreams will be published.

You can send articles and abstracts before February 15 to the address e_korabel@mail.ru

 Artists who wish to participate in the exhibition remotely, can send a photo of the works before February 1 to the address dream-artist@yandex.ru

If you have any questions at this stage, I will be happy to answer them.

Dear colleagues, the current epidemiological situation does not give us absolute confidence that the restrictive measures will be lifted by spring and we will be able to hold the conference within the specified time frame. Since the specifics of the event do not allow it to be fully transferred to a remote format, if the restrictive measures are maintained, the conference will be postponed for a year, and all participants will be notified about this. However, let's hope for a favorable scenario!

We look forward to hearing from you!

With best wishes,

Elena Korabelnikova, the chairmen of the Russian Society of Recearches of Dreams, e_korabel@mail.ru

Maria Volchenko, the chairman of the Dreaming Creativity section, mariavolch@gmail.com

Requirements for abstracts:

  • Title: capital letters in bold, centered, without quotes and underscores, without hyphenation and without a dot at the end.

  • Authors: center on the Name and Surname, speaker to emphasize.

  • Name of organization, country, mailing address. E-mail: in the center, italics.

  • Main text: justified alignment.

  • The abstract should not exceed 2 A4 pages. Use Times New Roman 12 pt, single line spacing

  • The material should not contain figures and tables.

  • The use of abbreviations is allowed, but they must be decoded at the first mention.

Requirements for articles:

  1. Please use the font Times New Roman. The size of the letters 12.Line spacing - a factor of 1.15.

  2. In the article immediately allocate in bold, bold italics, and just italic - subtitles, main thoughts and author comments in quotes.

  3. Be sure to include information about the author: full name - completely (in the abbreviated version there is a greater risk of making a mistake and then we write the full version in footnotes), your place of work - or occupation and contacts - email or website.

  4. Write an abstract to the article - in two or three sentences, state what the article and keywords are devoted to - the basic concepts that you explain or use in the article are 5-6 words.

  5. All the pictures that you want to put in the article - please send in separate files in .jpg format - it is desirable that they be as much as possible. You can duplicate pictures in the article so that we know where to place them better. Please write the names for your figures, tables, diagrams.

  6. In the list of references do not specify the numbering of pages. In the text, if desired, with a footnote to the list of references, you can write the page number.

  7. The average article size is 12,000 printed characters with spaces.

  8. Try not to make double or triple spaces in the text and do not put spaces before points and commas.


April 2-Мay 1 - exhibition

April 2 - grand opening of the exhibition

April 6-7 - main program of the conference

April 7 - concert program "Images of dreams"

April 8-9 - educational program "Methods of working with dreams".